Hari Subbaraj

Software Engineer

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About Me

I am a third-year at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My research interests lie at the intersection between Machine Learning and Systems. I currently work at the RISE Lab under Joseph Gonzalez. I'm also a uGSI(Undergraduate Student Instructor) for Prob140 and Data8!

I'm currently looking for internships in Summer 2019, so feel free to reach out if you're interested in having a conversation with me!



Undergraduate Researcher

  • Working on Clipper, a low-latency prediction serving system for machine learning
  • Contributed to Pandas on Ray(now Modin), a distributed version of Pandas leveraging Ray
  • Contributed to Flor(formerly Jarvis), a system for managing the workflow development phase of the machine learning lifecycle

UC Berkeley

Undergraduate Student Instructor

(Fall 2018): Prob140
(Spring/Summer 2018): Data8

Accuray Inc.

Software Engineering Intern

Developed prototype of predictive maintenance system for cancer treatment machines CyberKnife and TomoTherapy, enabling proactive machine care and reducing amount of machine downtime.


UC Berkeley

Aug 2016 - Present

Pursuing BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Coursework: CS189, CS170, CS186, Prob140, Data100, Data8, Math54, CS61A/B/C, EE16A/B



A webapp that aims to bridge the gap between applicant, HR, and references by providing a online database for private references. Built using React+Redux, Django.

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NBA Stats

Using machine learning techniques to analyze NBA data. Used scikit-learn, Pandas, and Python to develop this.

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